Robert D. Rogers


Fr. Alonso Saenz

In Residence

Fr. Peter Carota & Fr. Raul Lopez


6413 S. Central Ave. (near central and southern)


Approximately 300

Chapel Services

Our chapel has recently been dedicated to "St. Jose Sanchez del Rio". It is open during school hours to spend time in meditation and prayer with our Lord. The teachers, students, and staff have many opportunities to spend time with God in our chapel. We also hold weekly mass every Monday for one class at a time (K-8) so they may have a more personal experience and gain better understanding of our Catholic beliefs.


As a school, we celebrate Mass together every Friday at 8:30. Once a week, a special Mass is held for individual classes in our chapel. Once per quarter our school gathers for a Sunday mass to show the community how wonderful it is to belong to our school.


A computer lab with printing capabilities is accessible to all students. Each class has specific time in the lab at least once per week. Each classroom is equipped with computers, Smartboards, projectors, and Lumens. SmartSlates, SmartResponses, and Laptops are available for classrooms to use. All grading is done online, and is available for parents to see at any time.


We offer football, volleyball, basketball, softball, and baseball for students in 5th-8th grade.


We currently offer classes in Choir, Band, Art, and Drama.

Extra Curricular

In addition to our after school sports program, we offer classes in Cooking, Art, Drama, Gymnastics, and Gardening.

Summer Requirements

Summer school is available for students who were unable to complete the course work through out the year. We also require every student to complete a summer book study (specified by each teacher).